The common room

Le Flâneur Guesthous has been designed to easy meetings between open minded people, travelers and locals. It's all about our 160m² common room ! Whether it's our open kitchen, the bar, the work room, the library or the courtyard, every one has its safe space at le Flâneur. 

The bar

Because le Flâneur is not just a hostel, we decided to put the bar at the heart of everything. 

At the Flâneur's bar you can drink cool stuffs, chat with the staff, eat some delicacies (tapas, charcuterie boad...), just sip a (good) coffee or an even better cuppa tea and enjoy it in our courtyard. 

Most of our porducts are from the area: from our tap beer and bottled fruit juice to the saucisson and cheese. Exception being our tapas: they are homemade (you can't be more local than that, we litterally make them behin the counter).

Work and meeting room

We provide you with our meeting room to work in a quiet area. The access is free of charge for the residents. 

If you ever need the room for your meetings and you are NOT a resident, contact us by calling or sending an e-mail at !