Le Flâneur, connecting people !

The name is inspired by the Baudelairean definition of the flâneur, taken from a collection of essays entitled "The Painter of Modern Life" (opposite).It perfectly reflects the spirit that drives our project, a philosophy of life that has led us to create a place for visitors where the atmosphere and the layout of the spaces give them the desire to exchange.Whether alone, in a group or on a business trip, our initiative revives a concept that has been on the wane... communication, the sharing of experience! With this desire to re-create links, we have designed our guesthouse with a warm and friendly common space of 160m², a real invitation to take one's time and finally ENJOY!Whether it's our approach to our clients or even our legal status, all of our actions are in line with this logic of sharing.

A leap through time...

Before being a hostel, Le Flâneur is a friendship that goes back to middle school, a common vision of travel and a deep attachment to Lyon and its region. This is why we wanted to share our idea of the city by designing a place in our image, a guesthouse with beautiful common areas to meet urban explorers from around the world.

The team

Associates and employees, all these differents profiles, personnalities and nationalities, more chance to exchange in your language ! 

Philippe André

Associate, development and logistics manager

Markian Nirrengarten

Associate, administration, HR and finances manager

Adrien Moreau-Ribstein

Associate, group quotations, roster and reception

Guillaume Long

Associate, reception manager, communication and HR

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Cédruc Fouilleul

Employee, bar, garden and stocks

Ysé Brody

Employee, events and bar

Beatriz Ravagnani Vasconcelos


Paul André

Non-employee associate, strategical and financial advisor

Alternative in action !

Le Flâneur is a SCOP,  which is a type of French legal status for a company. In other words a cooperative.This legal status guarantees greater equality between partners. If the objective of profitability remains present, the SCOP differs from typical schemes by its democratic governance and results dedicated to the sustainability of jobs and the development of the project. This status corresponds perfectly to our vision of entrepreneurship. An activity where each partner has the same weight and where the sharing of wealth, work and responsibilities is fair. Our only objective is to make this project, in which we believe, last and to finally give visitors a space in which to make real connections... in real life! This new alternative allows for a greater quality of exchanges between Lyon's players and places the company in its environment on a long-term basis... with the stability of jobs thus assured, our priority can remain our profession: service excellence!